Essentials for returning to events post-Covid

Events are happening again, but with our experience, these are the most vital things to ensure we get this right - for all of us.

Look out for each other.
It’s essential to recognise that people have had a lot of time away from the tools. People are out of practice and are going to be more prone to injury and mistakes than ever before. Check in on each other, take it slow.
Check your equipment, then check it again.
A lot of equipment has been in storage for almost two years - don’t assume everything is necessarily good to go. Check it and check it again. Remember that different materials weather differently over time and this might affect how safe something is to handle.
COVID is not the only risk.
All risk elements are important, not just the ones that are in focus right now. Our fundamental responsibilities have not changed and it’s important to dial in thorough risk management strategies that incorporate all inputs and potential outcomes.
Don’t succumb to infinite time pressures.
COVID event planning can add additional time pressure on projects that already typically run on lean timelines. Effective human resourcing is key to ensuring fatigue is managed and sites operate safely. Be brave, take a step back and call it out if it's not realistic.
We are all representing each other
COVID has crippled our industry, the last thing anyone wants is for it so suffer any more hardship. Remember that every success and every failure is a representation of our broader entertainment industry and community. It’s up to all of us to ensure our industry remains professional, safe and sustainable.
Mentor the young
Much experience and expertise has left the industry throughout COVID. So much of which we will not get back. Nurture the younger ones on your team, remember they will ultimately replace all of us at some point. Give them something to look forward to, show them leadership.
Talk to each other, don't be afraid to ask the tough questions.
Good luck, be safe.